Information Technology

Tenacious Solutions is up to date, on the date.

Information is a valuable asset for any organization and technology can integrate information for faster processes and greater results, at a lower cost. However, with greater rewards come greater risk and the increasing capabilities of technology is also increasing the number of threats.  Due to our growing dependency of IT systems, cyber threats are becoming extremely dangerous and the U.S government is strictly regulating and providing guidance for IT management and security.


Tenacious Solutions provides IT services in cyber security, enterprise architecture, cloud computing, system integration, compliance management, and more to ensure that your IT is efficient, secure, and compliant with constant changing requirements. Tenacious Solutions is dedicated to providing high-level updates immediately, allowing Federal agencies to stay focused on business operations.


IT Services


  • Cybersecurity
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • System Administration
  • Cloud Computing
  • FISMA Compliance
  • IPV6
  • Network Cabling
  • System Integration
  • SharePoint
  • CPIC
  • Compliance Management
  • Help Desk Support